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Privacy Policy

Advertising Terms & Conditions for Seller:

  1. SellTheHorse.com, and its agents, does not guarantee the sale of your horse. We do offer a Satisfaction Guarantee, which should be provided to you by your sales rep, or by visiting our web site and clicking on Satisfaction Guarantee at the bottom of the web site.

  2. I hereby certify that all the information that I provide to SellTheHorse.com and their agents is true and I have not knowingly misrepresented any of the information for the listed horse.

  3. I have the to right to use and distribute any and all photos, video or other media that I supply to SellTheHorse.com. SellTheHorse.com does not claim ownership of any content submitted by the Seller, and SellTheHorse.com is not responsible for obtaining permissions. With respect to content and media submissions: Sellers grant SellTheHorse.com the following world-wide, royalty-free and non-exclusive licenses, as applicable:

    The license to use, distribute, modify, and publicly display such content and media for the sole purpose of promoting SellTheHorse.com, LLC, and its subjects, to which such content was willingly submitted or made available. This license exists in perpetuity.

  4. SellTheHorse.com is not responsible for the actions of Buyers who may contact you as a result of your advertising and affiliation with SellTheHorse.com. Any transaction that occurs in relation to the horse(s) listed with SellTheHorse.com, such as buying, selling, or trading, is not the responsibility of SellTheHorse.com.

  5. I agree to pay SellTheHorse.com for their equine marketing services, as outlined in the web site pricing guide or as agreed upon with an agent of SellTheHorse.com. I understand that marketing services will not be provided until payment is made in full for each horse.

  6. Service shall commence for 180 days from the date of purchase, for each horse listing, unless otherwise stated as part of a special offer or promotion as offered by SellTheHorse.com. This includes the hosting of the sale horse's web pages, marketing materials, promotional and technical support, etc. We reserve the right to remove any content if it does not comply with our stated standards and objectives, or if there is an active complaint involving a sale horse and/or seller, or his agent, and that complaint can be resolved.

  7. SellTheHorse.com is not responsible for advertising deadlines missed due to delayed or late receipt of advertising materials and/or payment from the Seller. Payment must be made in advance of any co-op advertising being placed with media.

  8. Seller agrees that he/she is of legal age to form this contract and is not banned from receiving services under the laws of the United States of America.

  9. SellTheHorse.com will make every effort to return all properly labeled media to the Seller, as long as a valid U.S. address is given.

  10. A separate Seller Agreement is implied for each horse listed with SellTheHorse.com.

Terms of Service

We'll Help You Sell Your Horse. Guaranteed.

Satisfaction of Service Guarantee:
It is our goal to provide you with a service that you are proud to show your friends, colleagues, and potential buyers. Therefore, we offer a Satisfaction Guarantee with the following guidelines:

Full Service Option:
If you purchased the Full Service option, then you should contact your sales rep within 7 days of your web site being activated to express your concerns. In some cases, the rep may return to your site to re-shoot the pictures and/or videos at no extra charge; this option is at the discretion of the management. If you are still unsatisfied with your service after reasonable attempts have been made, we will refund your purchase price, minus a $100 administrative fee.

Please note that there are no refunds given for add-on custom products and services such as video editing and thumb-drives.