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There are many web classified sites catering to the equine enthusiast, and we suggest you use several of them simultaneously-at least 3 different ones. As part of the SellTheHorse.com service, we will list your horse for you on any 3 of the following sites for you, and include a link in the ad back to your horse's web site at SellTheHorse.com. This is called "cross-promotion" and it will give you more visibility and deliver better results.

Excerpt from the Essential Equine Marketing Manual:

If you think that putting up just one ad on Equine.com is good enough, think again. We realize that site claims to get nearly a million hits every month and it's a good start, but it's not enough. Here's why: not every buyer is shopping exclusively on that one site. There are literally dozens of sites out there, some of them geared towards specific breeds or disciplines, which we'll address next. We recommend that you put up several ads using excellent photos and videos, and commit to keeping the description fresh and up-to-date with any show results or updates that buyers would want to know about. Here is a list of several popular general classified sites to choose from.

General Equine Classified Sites:








www.equinesite.com (New England + NY)



Breed and Discipline Associations

This is just a sampling of the many discipline- and breed-specific web classified sites available. You are probably familiar with the ones that are most relevant to your horse's marketability. If not, you should ask around or do some Google searches. A good combination of ads would be to use some general sites and some more specific sites, and take the time to provide buyers with breeding details, show results, conformation photos, and as many quality discipline videos as you can put together. All of this will help to give buyers the information they need to take action.

TIP: If a video or photo does not show the horse favorably or is very poor quality, do not use it. You only get one chance to make a good first impression.

For a comprehensive list of equine publications, visit this link at American Horse Pubs:

For a comprehensive list of associations, visit this link at Hunter and Sport Magazine's site:

Horseman's Yankee Pedlar (New England) has a comprehensive list of Affiliate sites at:
(or go to www.Pedlar.com and click on Affiliates at bottom of page)

www.bigeq.com Equitation and hunters

www.dressagehorsesunlimited.com Dressage horses

www.warmbloods-for-sale.com Warmbloods

www.cuttinghorses.com Cutting Horses
(part of the www.horsecity.com network)