About Us – Faces of SellTheHorse.com

So what qualifies us to be able to guarantee that we’ll help you sell your horse within 180 days?

Leo Benjamin

Leo Benjamin — President and Founder of SellTheHorse.com

Leo sold his first horse in 1958. As a young rider, he favored the jumpers, along with training and teaching polo. But perhaps his favorite hobby was buying and selling horses.

Graduating with a degree in Agriculture from the University of New Hampshire in 1960, he set off for a career in sales, with his first sales job materializing in the beauty industry. Since then, Leo has revolutionized the marketing practices in the hair loss industry, often serving as a sought-after lecturer and industry guru.As the founder of HairLoss.com, Leo was an early adopter of the Internet as a way to transform the customer communication process.

Leo has been practicing web-based marketing since before it had a formal name. All the while, he never gave up his passion for the horse trade. Leo's favorite quote is, "If your job is not your hobby, then quit your job."

With the creation of SellTheHorse.com, Leo combines his sales and marketing ingenuity with his passion for selling horses, and for the horse community at large. Leo is active in the fox hunt and polo communities of Aiken County, where he lives with his wife Nancy and a farm full of happy horses.

Leo (pictured above) and Nancy Benjamin (pictured below).