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About Our Services

An equine marketing service that gives you the tools to help you sell your horse. It's like having your own private marketing department with one goal in mind: helping you sell your sport or show horses in every discipline. We're not a web classified; we're the web glorified.

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What is SellTheHorse.com?

SellTheHorse.com is not a web classified site. We are an integrated equine marketing service. Think of us like your own personal marketing and advertising department to assist you in selling your horse.

Our goal is to help sellers find qualified buyers by presenting sale horses in a professional, comprehensive manner. We use the power of the web to achieve this, but we also have many other proprietary tools that unleash the selling process into a full gallop.

You can do it yourself or we can help - the choice is yours. See Pricing...

Comparison Chart

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Market your horse with top-notch web design aimed at getting your horse sold!
Showcase your horse's abilities with unlimited photos and videos.
For the buyer, a Virtual Visit to your horse is the next best thing to being there.
We provide you with Business Cards, Pull-Tabs, and Flyers to professionaly market your horse!
We provide you with professional advice from experienced marketing experts — who also know horses!
Receive your own Thumbdrive with your horses presentation for free when you purchase our Full-Service Package.
SellTheHorse.com is the only site that provides you with your own URL!
Most services provide a VERY limited array of media. SellTheHorse.com provides a unique experience.
No other services provide their customers with a true Virtual Visit and experience.
No other service crosses mediums to help you market your horse.
Who else offers not only professional, but personalized advice? No one!
No other service provides you with customized tools and perks.

The Golden Rule

As sales and marketing professionals ourselves, we decided to take what we've learned from other industries and apply those principles to the horse world.

You wouldn't expect to sell your house for top dollar by simply sending out a few friendly emails and a free web listing, would you? It's no different with horses. And in a competitive selling market, it's even more vital that you follow the Golden Rule.

In the advertising business, this is the Golden Rule: Expand the Frequency and Reach of Your Message.

Our goal is to help you:
  1. Reach more potential buyers

  2. Increase the number of times they see your sale horse

Integrated Equine Marketing

SellTheHorse.com is a great foundation for your marketing program, but it's not a silver bullet. Our service is designed to be used in conjunction with other advertising methods, such as newspapers, equine magazines and web classifieds sites, which should direct the buyer back to your custom SellTheHorse.com web site.

In addition, it is essential to use our proprietary marketing tools, such as the pull-tabs, fliers, and business cards. This is what we call "Integrated Equine Marketing."