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SellTheHorse.com Unveils Licensee Opportunity
for Equine Photographers

Exclusive Representation to Be Established
in &slquo;Horse Hubs’Across USA, Canada

Media Contact:
Leo Benjamin
SellTheHorse.com, LLC
Promo Video: www.SellTheHorse.com/video
South Carolina Office: 803-564-7074

Aiken County, SC - If a picture paints a thousand words, then SellTheHorse.com writes novels for every horse that becomes part of its marketing program. With unlimited photos and videos as a feature of the service, media producers are an integral part of telling the story.

SellTheHorse.com is an equine marketing service that creates high-impact tools for those with performance horses for sale across all disciplines. An essential part of the Full Service Package is sending a local producer to the seller’s location to capture professional quality photos and videos, which are uploaded to create the horse’s custom web site at SellTheHorse.com. This service creates a new business opportunity for equine photographers (with video capabilities), as an additional revenue stream to their established business or as a stand-alone business model.

"Equine photographers are skilled at capturing the elegance and energy of horses in motion - whether it’s a Grand Prix jumper or a cutting horse-they can help sellers communicate the true talents of their horse," says Leo Benjamin, founder of SellTheHorse.com. "We approach them as partners in growing this business and providing a valuable service for busy trainers and amateurs."

Licensees will be granted an exclusive geographic area in which the Licensee, or Producer, will have the right to market SellTheHorse.com services and the web interface to easily produce web sites for horses for sale, using proprietary technology and methodology for presenting horses. Licensee produces the media assets and uploads to SellTheHorse.com; SellTheHorse.com provides the vehicle for presenting horses for sale professionally, including print and web marketing.

For more information about the Licensee program, please contact Michelle Massa, media and marketing contact, for SellTheHorse.com

Visit www.SellTheHorse.com/video to watch a short video about this new service, including the 360 Degree Virtual Visit™ to the horse. It’s an innovation that will change the buyer’s expectations of viewing sale horses online.

About SellTheHorse.com:
SellTheHorse.com, LLC is an equine marketing agency that delivers high-impact sales tools for sellers across all disciplines. With offices in SC and VT, its principals are available for interviews, and high-quality images are available for print. Strategic marketing partners and investors are encouraged to contact us.